Lauren Penny is a Performance Coach specialising in developing champions in sport and life, focussing on the mental and physical demands required to reach a higher level.

As a former International Hockey Player and former captain of the South African Junior Women's cricket team, she knows what it takes to reach the top.

After struggling with many ongoing injuries she decided to turn her focus to helping others reach their potential, with a strong focus on developing a champion mind and body. This is where she saw the biggest impact in her own development, having missed out on national selection as a junior before making the senior national team a few years later.

Most people focus on the physical skills required for sport, neglecting the mental and emotional skills that are needed to reach a higher level.

Lauren specialises in helping people to improve their confidence, perform under pressure, manage their emotions (i.e. frustration) and bounce back from disappointing setbacks.

Her individual and holistic approach is what separates her from others, looking at the full picture that makes up the person, not just at one aspect.

Lauren's Story & Key Messages in 3 Minutes

About The Companies Lauren Has Founded

Hockey Performance Academy (HPA) is a virtual platform for hockey players from around the world looking to reach a higher level in their game.

Their are various options depending on what you're looking for. The 12 week program is designed to help hockey players get noticed by improving fitness, confidence with mindset training, skills, vision, nutrition and decision making.

The program includes weekly video training plus you have the option to have weekly coaching sessions (via skype) with Lauren directly.

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Beyond Skills Coaching (BSC) is an educational platform that offers mental toughness training, sports psychology courses and mental game coaching.

It's perfect for sports athletes and coaches (all sports) looking to improve performance by developing a champion mindset and a bulletproof body. As a result, you can expect more confidence, fitter & faster athletes with greater consistency.

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West Coast Hockey is a hockey academy based in Cape Town (South Africa) for players aged 6-18 years. The hockey clinics are run by former international Lauren Penny and former Junior National Coach Andi Bernstein with the aim of improving players technical and physical skills within a positive and supportive environment.

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